Comprehensive It Applications and Solutions for a Us Not-for-profit Foundation

A US Not-for-profit Public Charity working for the development of impoverished communities across the world engaged the services of Nathan Ark to provide several web applications for providing information, disseminating news to its members, e-philanthropy and fund raising, accounting, managing contributions, event management, sales of products, and distributed project management of its projects across the world.

Nathan Ark helped design the initial prototypes of the system, then built the launch version of the website and supporting applications, and now manages the entire back office operations alongside continual enhancements to the IT applications of the Not-for-profit.

Using the applications developed by Nathan Ark, the Not-for-profit has been able to increase its fund raising by 160% over the previous year through e-philanthropy alone. Furthermore, by using the services of Nathan Ark, the Not-for-profit is able to keep its IT development and other overhead costs down to a minimum.