Global Delivery Advantages

Excellent Quality

Nathan Ark sets and maintains very high standards of quality by recruiting consistently high achievers and developing them in teams with the support of our Quality Systems that encompass best practice processes and technologies.

All development engineers at Nathan Ark have strong academic qualifications, industry certifications, and solid professional experience. Nathan Ark recruits, trains, and manages the resources clients require, building expertise in areas that often lie outside a client’s core competency.

Furthermore, the use of strict quality assurance and project management best practices help deliver world class results. More

Significant Cost Advantages

Development and delivery within the context of our global model for distributed projects offers a significantly lower total cost of ownership for a client than being restricted solely to local options. These lower costs are specially due to input factor conditions that go into development, reengineering, and maintenance activities – like costs of labor and infrastructure – being available at lower costs in some countries in the world. We utilize these factor conditions to offer development at lower prices to companies across the world without having to locate their companies or subsidiaries in these countries.

Fast Turnaround Speed

When the need for resources is temporary (i.e. lasting for the project duration only), time is critical, or when clients have a schedule is already screaming tight, they often choose NOT to spend their time building a new project team, but instead use our resources to meet their needs. This ability to ‘shop’ to meet needs greatly increases the speed with which our clients can do business.

The time difference between offshore locations and client’s locations works in their favor and even more so when our development teams work round-the-clock for projects with tight deadlines.

These quality, cost, and speed advantages often make outsourcing the natural choice for clients across the world.