A leading British insurance company approached Nathan Ark for developing a website for their general insurance business. The company wanted to bring the solicitors and the insurance companies on one common platform. The general idea of the company was to develop a website that would act as a market place for the solicitors and insurance companies in the European countries for after event insurance. Nathan Ark did a feasibility study and requirement analysis and also a run-down on the existing system which was unable to cope with the business needs and lacked flexibility.

Nathan Ark assisted in eliciting and prioritizing current and emerging business requirements. The website provided the registered solicitors to post after event insurance cases, selecting and inviting insurers to bid on them, monitoring all bids, opening private message boards for selected insurers to conduct conversation and negotiation, and finally declining or accepting a bid. Similarly, on the insurers' side, it allows registered insurers to bid on cases, and keep track of all current bids, and old archived bids.