Engagement Competencies

Technology Competence

Our technology strength is due to the quality of our people, experiential insights accumulated over engagements, encouraging competence building measures at the individual, group, and organizational levels, and participation in alliances, industry and technology forums, and standards defining programs.

Delivery Approach

Equally important to technology skills, is a focus on the quality of our delivery approach and program management on engagements. The Nathan Ark Global Delivery Framework enforces a quality discipline and operational rigor on all distributed and multi-location engagement needs. Continuous innovation on delivery methodologies that address phases of the engagement life cycle like modeling, architecture, configuration, release management, and the like, help us achieve a cycle of quality improvement in our delivery approach.

Domain & Solution Competencies

The knowledge and insight we bring to engagements extends along the domain and solution areas. Experiential learning, extensive knowledge management, and the experience and talent of our people are the drivers of our domain and solution competencies.