The value Nathan Ark brings to its clients is clear - good, solid development solutions with great value realization.


Architects and developers with strong technology skills and experience and managers with demonstrated project success work together to provide world-class solutions to our clients. India has a large pool of resources for English-speaking, technically talented, and experienced people. We draw upon these resources at our development facilities in India to provide clients with developers that have the right qualifications and experience to address project needs.


As a global development company, we make it possible for companies to tap into resource pools worldwide to find the skills they need. Working with Nathan Ark, a company situated in, say Canada, can get its own dedicated offshore team without needing to step out of the office! Getting the right mix of knowledge, skills, and experience is one thing – getting them at the right price is another. With the global delivery model, getting both is not only possible, but is business as usual for our clients.


The comparatively lower costs of labor and infrastructure in countries like India make the case for offshore development even stronger. The total cost of ownership is significantly lower – creating significant value – for our clients.


Nathan Ark's development processes and global delivery model is designed for fast turnaround speed. An added advantage is that due to the time difference between countries, like say the USA and India, turnaround times can be made even shorter as development teams then effectively work around the clock on projects.


Nathan Ark provides dedicated teams for outsourced activities for clients. We recruit, train, and deploy the kind of resources clients need for their special requirements. Dedicated teams can be setup onsite at client locations, at our development locations in some countries (offsite), or as offshore development centers (ODCs) in India.