Nathan Ark's services address specific needs of companies around the world that require an integration of multiple skills and competencies to realize technology-driven business transformation. The three primary service areas are consulting & IT services , product development services and enterprise solutions.

Our services bring to each engagement a synergy of our technology skills, process and program management competencies, global delivery approach, excellence in quality, and domain knowledge.


Internet & Software

Nathan Ark delivers conceptualization, product development, productivity apps, enterprise systems, configuration management etc to internet enterprises and software applications and service providers.

Media & Entertainment

Technology can improve media and entertainment. Nathan Ark helps businesses design and execute digital solutions for innovation, improved customer experiences, and operational efficiencies.

Professional Services

Keeping up with the IT industry's rapid growth allows us to give high-quality services. Nathan Ark's IT consulting and outsourcing services will prove invaluable.


Technological advances will enhance healthcare. Nathan Ark helps healthcare companies on how to build and manage IT programs to raise efficiency, reduce risk, and improve service.

Engineering & Construction

Our personnel has design, engineering, manufacturing, technology, consulting, and business-running skills. We help you design sustainable, cost-effective products for your target market


Nathan Ark helps manufacturers innovate and save money through supply chain integration, collaborative product design, corporate information, and knowledge management solutions.

Retail & Distribution

The retail and distribution sector is complex, with several overlapping sub-sectors. Rising competition, commoditization, and technology make it harder for firms to distinguish out and satisfy customers.

Financial Services

Nathan Ark specializes in financial change. Our certainty in foresight helps C-suite finance and risk executives examine options and drive company changes.


Being at the forefront of technical advancement is vital for high-tech manufacturers and service providers. Nathan Ark helps tech companies with product discovery, development, and management.


Nathan Ark introduces cutting-edge technologies to education clients to boost operational efficiency, reduce cost per student per course, and offer new service delivery ways.


Nathan Ark offers its IT services to non-profits at a discount as part of its aim to support charity groups worldwide.